Zip Books

...Your Library. Delivered!

If we don't have your particular book in circulation, then you can request it through t he Zip book program. This is paid for by Califa and the California State Library. When you return your item, it is considered for our collection.


  • You can request 1 item at a time, 1 per month.
  • Costs of hardcovers up to $35 dollars, books on CD, to $50 dollars.
  • Item can be Amazon Prime or free shipping!
  • The item can't already be in our collection.
  • We can only get hardcover or books (print), audio books and mp3s!
  • Sorry, NO BEST SELLERS! No Paperbacks - No exceptions!

How to use it:

  1. Fill out the top of the Zip Book request form (displayed at bottom of this page). Write the title and author, then mark whether you want Audio, Print or Large Print.
  2. Hand in completed form to the Del Norte County Library staff.  Once form is processed, a Library staff person will call you and let you know when you should expect your book to arrive.  Please contact us if you don’t receive your books on the day estimated. Once Amazon delivers the item you have 4 – 6 weeks to read or listen before you have to return it to the Del Norte County Library.
  3. When you are done with your Zip Book please RETURN it to a staff member at the library.  You will then be handed a short survey which allows us to track patron satisfactory level with the program.  You can then do another Zip Book Request. 
  4. You can then do another Zip Book item!